Dragon Ball Legends – How The Game Mechanics Work

The basics of the game are clear to you, hopefully. Now, let us explore the mechanics and dynamics of the game a little further.

Basic Terms That You Need To Know

DBLegends Game Mechanics on android and ios devices

Arts Cards

An essential feature of Dragon Ball Legends is the use of Art Cards. It is a fighting mechanic which gives your character the ability to hit your opponent, throw ranged attacks, and gives your extra moves. The fighters you select at the beginning of the game will influence the cards you will receive. Your characters share the card equally among them. The different cards and their uses are:

  1. Red Arts Card – Strike Melee Attacks.
  2. Yellow Arts Card – Ranged Ki Attacks.
  3. Green Arts Card– Extra Move and buffs.
  4. Blue Arts Card – Special Move like Kamehameha. It can cause a lot of damage.
  5. Purple Arts Card– Awakened or ultimate.
  6. Blue with exclusive artwork – Ultimate Special move like Goku’s Super Dragon Fist.


A corresponding element represents every Fighter in the Legends to their weakness and strengths.

  1. BLU – Blue Element Characters. Strong – RED, Weak – GRN.
  2. GRN – Green Element Characters. Strong – BLU, Weak – PUR.
  3. PUR – Purple Element Characters. Strong – GRN, Weak – YEL.
  4. YEL – Yellow Element Characters.  Strong – PUR, Weak – RED.
  5. RED – Red Element Characters. Strong – YEL, Weak – BLU.
  1. Battle Style.
  2. Melee Fighters – High Strike Attack.
  3. Ranged Fighters- High Blast Attack, recovers Ki faster.
  4. Defense Fighters – Good health.
  5. Support Fighters – Heal teammates.
  1. Rarity.

Dragon Ball Legends have three types of rarity tiers for summoning different fighters. A single summon will deplete your Chrono Crystals by a 100 while multiple summons is dearer by 1000. A player can also avail a daily discount of 80 Chrono Crystals for a single summon.

  1. HE (Hero Fighters) are 75% more common than the other two.
  2. EX (Extreme Fighters) are about 20% more uncommon than Sparking Fighters.
  3. SP (Sparking Fighters) are the rarest at 5% and are much stronger.


As you install the game and begin to play, I strongly suggest going through the tutorial especially if you are a beginner. It will explain the steps and controls to maneuver through the game. In general, though, these are the moves that will keep you covered.

  1. Swipe up – Fighter moves forward.
  2. Swipe down – Fighter moves backwards.
  3. Swipe left or right – Vanish Step.
  4. Repeat Tap on the screen – Close range punch or far range energy blast.
  5. Press and hold on the screen – Fast Charge Ki Meter.
  6. Tap the Fighter icon – Main Ability activates.

How to unlock Dragon Ball Legends fighters

You can unlock your fighters as you collect Z-Powers, or by summons and event playing. When you do the summons, HE fighters will yield 100, whereas EX fighters will yield 250, SP fighters will yield 600. After you collect Z powers up to 100, a fighter will be unlocked for you. The more you collect, the more stronger your fighter becomes. It will then allow you to collect stars. A fighter is allowed to have a maximum of 7 stars as each star possesses effects that are unique to them. There you have it! This article should hopefully get you started on becoming the next Dragon Ball Legends legend.